Our mission is your way to success


Why choosing for Popma Fruit Expertise? Our aim is to provide the client the highest quality of project management to build the best facilities for storing and ripening bananas and other fruits.


Your benefits:


  • As a producer you are sure your product is handled with respect. Your brand and efforts are positive recognized.

  • As a banana ripener you will experience the benefit: lower production costs and a better ripened product in the shops and supermarkets.

  • As a retailer this will mean less waste figures and higher volumes, so eventually you will make more profit. It is proven, in some countries more than 25% of the bananas end up in the waste bin. Sales can increase up to 30% more bananas per year.

  • The ripening costs can be reduced till 15% to 20% per year, and finally, energy savings can rise up to 20%.

  • If you have a ripening software program and I can log in with a password, we can provide you with an “on line“ service and support.


We have the knowledge how to guide you through the whole process of bananas, from 'farm to shelf'. We work with ripeners, staff and managers to identify the missing link during the process.


Furthermore, we can help to keep your business healthy by reducing the production cost to an absolutely minimum. Since we have more than 20 years of experience, we can also assist you to expand your network.


We work closely with customers, suppliers and knowledge centers to develop new ripening tools, what makes us always up to date with the latest developments. The effort is to improve taste, shelf life and quality by using the right ripening equipment and process management.